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A little bit about me

I’m a graphic designer based in Holland, Michigan. For over a decade, I’ve created for a living, making designs for a wide variety of purposes and in all different places—from book covers in Thailand to motorcycle rallies in Indiana.Most recently I served for five years as the director of communications at Engedi Church. During that time, the church changed and expanded significantly giving me many opportunities to hone my skills. What started as minimal design became regular sermon series branding, periodic videos, launching two websites and an app, re-branding the organization, branding multiple events, and many different kinds of print pieces. The more that I’ve done, the more I’ve learned what I love doing. And that’s where Ruggles Design began.

When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me chasing my three kids around the house or reading. I love experiencing and learning new things, from exotic foods to random trivia.

I love what I do

Growing up, my mom would yell at me whenever I drew on myself. I just liked to create new things, and my hand seemed like a great canvas. But now, I’ve put those creative skills to good use. (Although I still draw on my hand if no paper is around)

I love creating and being in that process with others.

If you’re still reading at this point, it’s likely you need someone to create stuff for you. I’m a graphic designer with a background in photography and video, and I’d love to talk with you.